looking for side dish to go with curry

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so I can make a pretty darn good chicken curry that I serve with rice and naan but would love to have something else *on the side*. Any ideas on what would go well with curry? Some sort of salad or veggie dish would be preferred but I'm drawing a blank here...
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    A fruit salad? I know that sounds a bit weird but it would be refreshing with all the heavy/spicy food. I am thinking along the lines of mangoes and such. Maybe just 2-3 different kinds of fruits to keep it simple and so the different flavors don't get lost.
    For a salad, tomatoes and cucumbers in a little bit of oil and lemon juice would also be another light side dish.
    Oh...I am really hungry for that curry right now!
  • Saag Paneer, basically Indian cheese and Spinach. Its good!
    • Nogga, I'd always heard it called Palek Paneer (palek=spinach, paneer=dry cottage cheese). You can get paneer already made at any ethnic or whole/health food market (like Wild Oats or Trader Joe's) and slice it up. For those than want to get traditional, it's easy enough to make. Just take whole milk cottage cheese, put it in a fine mesh cheesecloth and drain it for a few days in the fridge in a colander over a large bowl, twisting the cloth once a day to get all of the "whey" out of your curds.

      Here's the recipe for Palek Paneer


      1/4 cup and 2 tbsp olive oil
      2 garlic cloves, chopped
      1 tbsp grated fresh ginger root
      2 dried red chile peppers
      1/2 cup finely chopped onion
      2 tsp ground cumin
      1 tsp ground coriander
      1 tsp ground turmeric
      3 pounds spinach, torn
      1 large tomato, quartered
      4 sprigs fresh cilantro
      3/4 cup yogurt
      paneer, cut into cubes (about a cup full or so?)


      • in large saucepan, heat 3 tbsp of olive oil and sauté garlic, ginger, red chiles (optional), and onion until brown
      • mix in the cumin, coriander, turmeric, and yogurt- add more or less to achieve desired creaminess
      • add the spinach, handfuls at a time, until cooked down- about 15 minutes in total. Remove from heat and allow to cook slowly (actually, I haven't done this though, and it's turned out fine)
      • pour spinach mixture into blender (WARNING: Remove the red chilies at this point), add the tomatoe and cilantro (add more or less according to taste). Blend for 15-30 seconds until spinach is finely chopped (you don't want it totally pureed, a bit of texture is desired)
      • pour back into saucepan, add cheese to spinach mixture, and cook for 10 minutes over low heat.
      • serve with basmati rice or naan (Indian flat bread)
  • In Trinidad where a large portion of the population are Indians we tend to have a number of side dishes with our curry chicken, shrimp, duck or goat. We would have either or a combination of Dhall, curried channa (chick peas) and potato, eggplant choka or mango talkari or stew pumpkin. If your interested I'll be happy to provide the recipes...they all really delicious!
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      could you provide the recipe for the mango talkari? I think something a bit sweet would be nice. Thanks!
      • mmmmmmmm forgot about fried plantain with curry
        kinda sweet, kinda starchy, kinda yummy
        • I'd like the recipe for the eggplant choka, if you don't mind :o)

          As for the Palak and Saag debate, I asked about this once in one of our favorite restaurants and was told that the different terms are just 'regional' differences that refer to some kind of greens... as mentioned already.
          If I ask for Saag in one place, they look at me funny until I say, "Palak"; and vice versa in the other place, etc.
          • Eggplant Choka

            1 large eggplant
            2 cloves garlic
            hot pepper (optional)
            1 onion, chopped
            salt and black pepper

            1. wash & dry eggplant and rub lightly with cooking oil
            2. Stick garlic in eggplant
            3. place eggplant under grill or in oven at 350°F and bake (roast0 until tender
            4. Remove from oven and split open. Scoop out center into bowl and season with chopped onion, mashed garlic, sal and black pepper.
            5. Serve hot as a side dish or with roti.

            NB. Onion, garlic, salt and black pepper can be fried in 1 tbsp oil with a piece of hot pepper and added to roasted eggplant ( we tend to do it this way :)
      • It's super it is

        Mango Talkari
        4-5 green mangoes
        1 tbsp. curry powder
        2 tbsp cooking oil
        2 cloves garlic
        salt & black pepper
        hot pepper (optional)

        1. Wash and dry green mangoes, cut off stem end
        2. with meat cleaver or Chinese chopper chop mango in half through seed box
        3. Cut mango in pegs lengthwise ( like an orange) set aside
        4. Mix 1 tbsp curry powder in 1/2 cup cold water to form a thin paste
        5. Put 1 tbsp of cooking oil in a heavy pot, add curry paste, and cook stirring constantly over low heat until all starch is cooked out
        6. Add mango to the pot and stir to coat with curry
        7. Add 1/2 cup water, 2 cloves garlic (crushed), salt, black pepper and hot pepper
        8. Cover and cook until tender. Serve hot.

        NB. If mangoes are very green- add 1 tsp sugar while cooking. Some people like to add garam masala while cooking.

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      I am very interested in your recipes for side dishes served with curry chicken, shrimp, duck or goat. You mentioned the sides served in Trinidad included either or a combination of Dhall, curried channa (chick peas) and potato, eggplant choka or mango talkari or stew pumpkin. They all sounds like something I would enjoy adding to my recipe repertoire.

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