Frozen lobster tail

topic posted Mon, March 27, 2006 - 5:58 PM by  Havveleh
Costco was selling these huge prefrozen lobster tails recently and I bought one. I'm wondering what the best way to make it into a succulent juicy lobster is. My friend said bake it for 20 minutes. I don't need anything fancy because I like the simple flavor of lobster and butter, but maybe a little spice would be nice. Any ideas?
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  • Old Bay Seasoning
    • that's IT...i could not remember the name of that stuff to save my life yesterday....old bay!!! how about old brain:-))
      • Yum, all those sound really good. I have fresh parsley in my herb garden...somehow it tastes better than the store...
        • you bet ya...i love grownin' my own herbs...the store"fresh"herbs always seem kinda stale..
          • Recently did some for the family just simply boiled in water with about 1/4 cup of tangelo juice and handful of sea salt. It was crazy... I was so upset because I forgot to get the lemons for the water and to squeeze on the little monsters... there was a plethora of tangelos on the fruit trees and I thought, "what the heck". (I'm sure tangerines or a good orange would have done the same.)

            Everyone LOVED it -- the tangelo juiced into the boiling water gave it a kind of exotic perfect tangy sweetness. And served with melted butter of course...
            • Follow up for the lobster tail: I baked it in a broth with parsley, broth, a bit of white wine, and a bit of garlic. Dipped in butter. Awesome but I would recommend getting a smaller more tender lobster. Size isn't everything!!!!

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